Lack of Activity

Hi all,

I know that I haven’t posted very much the past month and I understand that this period could cause you to think I’ve abandoned things. Life has thrown me some very unexpected curveballs.


I had some issues with managing the memory leaks present in the Antilobby application, which was my main priority. I’ve gone through the source code and have tried numerous things. I even went ahead and rewrote the entire saving structure for the process tracking. That was pretty hard in itself since I tried to keep the API endpoint untouched. I did end up changing some things and making it more efficient along with the client-side saving logic. The client-side logic should now work regardless of the size of the pending save data. 🤞

In terms of memory issues, I still don’t know a true solution for them. I have made sure that certain memory objects — when no longer needed — are more likely to be collected by the garbage collector. I have checked threading logic and have made sure that everything inside a thread is run asynchronously and returns a boolean status code. I will also be enabling a diagnostic tool on the next update that will show current memory usage and will optionally send usage data so that I can try and see how wide-spread memory problems are. In addition to that, I want to try and add a communication section for display on the app so that I can display pertinent information and update messages.

A lot of upkeep must be made in the next month so that I can be confident in the upcoming new features that will be added. I hope my testers and prospective users will be happy about these changes.

Have a Happy Holiday!


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