Dev: Reducing Memory Usage

Rightfully so, before I release a new version of Antilobby, I inspect all of the new changes before officially releasing it. The most recent changes have taken a while to thoroughly test and observe. Over the weekend I ran the program for a considerably long time with a lot of tracking activity and have noticed a pretty large issue regarding memory usage.

At the end of a ~10-hour session, Antilobby amassed up to 2GB of consistent memory usage! This was my fault in underestimating how much data is actually collected and stored at this point using the new features after such an extended period of time. Today’s goal is to fix that issue and then finish working on providing graphs to this new feature on the web application portion. I’ve already made an effort to try and create the groundwork for these features, which was done when I had made the Models and their relationships for the new saving mechanics. Now is the time to go ahead and make these new features and have them be partially live by the end of the day.

Data Graphs

One hurdle I will have to overcome is to prevent too much load on the webserver by having these data graphs only load when they are called. This implementation will require more javascript usage and I am eager to implement a custom solution for these to load when expanded. Before I get to that point, I must draw up the API that will fetch the information for the graphs. This will be done and displayed with a 24-hour format and will show the seconds per each minute that the application had received focus.

With that, I’m closing out. Stay tuned for v1.18!

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