PC Emails & Upcoming Plans

Upcoming Plans

I’ve got a lot in the pipeline for what I have planned for Antilobby and PrestigeCode. I know that it has been over a month since I last posted, I have been pretty busy with other logistical things (trying to find an employment opportunity). But nonetheless, I’ve been working on consolidating the PrestigeCode and Antilobby web-servers. I have officially migrated to Google DNS from Google Domains DNS. I have been able to take advantage of the CertBot, allowing me to get a wildcard SSL certificate. This has allowed me to consolidate things. This process of consolidating will take a while but in the long run, I will save money in terms of paying for AWS cloud resources. In addition to that, I have decided to rewrite the PrestigeCode website and use Laravel as the primary framework. As a result, I will also be moving some projects over that I want to continue displaying on my website as part of the portfolio. I will also be able to rewrite some of my projects using Laravel. In light of that decision, I will fully use Laravels migration features and eloquent models to help with development. This transition will be slow but steady. In addition to moving projects over and rewriting them, I will be redesigning the project page to generate these projects and each new project with dynamic webpages. I’ll be doing this to allow the filtering of metadata that will be linked with each project. How I truly want to implement this idea is still up in the air, so we’ll see in the long run.

I have already changed over this blog to use the new server and will incrementally change over the other subdomains that I have.

Take care, see you around.


Sidenote: DNS Issue

A small little update. As a safety precaution that comes with making sure things don’t break. I made sure that, along with other things, my domain emails were tested. I found out that Google had done some hidden work with regards to how redirecting emails send to @prestigecode where handled with Google Domains. So when I switched over to Google Cloud for DNS handling, things kind of broke. I resolved them by inspecting the export file; tested the changes and voila, all back to normal.

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