Antilobby & Angular

Hi all,

Last month I made an effort to try and refresh some of the aesthetics in the Antilobby application. I have made some slight changes to the main interface and decided to continue that route with user experience in mind. I also will be tackling some of the forgotten features that I never really fully implemented. These will be mostly for ease of use. But I will also be looking into implementing a secure way to locally store saved sessions that have not been able to be pushed to Antilobby. Some of the logic is already in the codebase, I just need to make some tweaks so that in the event that Antilobby is run offline or PrestigeCode cannot be reached, your data will remain saved.


Recently, I have had the pleasure of being introduced to a new framework under the belt of javascript. This framework called Angular is a pretty nifty tool and I anticipate using it from here on out for some upcoming new features for Antilobby. It’s quite powerful in that it will enable me to develop some nice interactable content with Laravel.

I have not tested its integrability with Laravel but I will be investigating that this month and hopefully it will work its way into the release of some nice new features.

Short and sweet, watch this space!

– Sean

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