Antilobby v1.186 & Maintenance

Hi all, it’s been a second and let me tell you why.

I have dedicated a good portion of time trying to find opportunities to develop software solutions professionally, so I have not been able to truly focus on new features for the Antilobby App and Site.

I had been testing out some new features for Antilobby and decided to wait a minute before giving them a release. I wanted to ensure that the memory problems have been *nearly* resolved and only occasionally occur. I understand if you were to truly use Antilobby for its benefits, you’d be running it all day, every day; so this memory problem had to be addressed. I released v1.186 with a new gadget for users to use to help me diagnose the problems. I’ve released some simple error logging that can be used to help trace the problem(s) if, per se, there are issues saving… which have come up, but very rarely. These are logged where all of the other data for Antilobby is stored (in your C:\Users\{USER}\.Antilobby) directory.

You can go ahead and share the error log file with me at if you have any consistent errors.

Security Certificate & DNS Changes

Today I also decided to do some server maintenance with regards to SSL certifications that are used to make sure data sent over the PrestigeCode servers is encrypted so that your data is protected from potentially prying eyes. In addition to this, DNS changes were made to enable this transition and over the next day or two, there could be DNS resolution errors. At the time of this writing, everything seems to be fine.

More changes are on the way. Check back for new updates soon.

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