App Saving & Detailed Tracking

I had plans after entirely switching over to Laravel for the backend framework for Antilobby. Laravel enables the more efficient execution of queries and authentication, so I can save processing power on my AWS instance and also develop more memory intense features with Antilobby.

A few weeks after switching over, I made the decision to work more on the app. With the goal of having Antilobby collect more useful data for its users, I went ahead and began developing a way for the app to track application use by the minute. I have been able to add these features and am currently working on an effective database scheme to deploy these features with.

Detailed Application Time

In an effort to provide more insight into daily usage, I made the application begin tracking how many seconds each minute that an application is being used for. I had plans to do this along with the tracking of time an application is open for, even if it’s not being touched but still consuming CPU time. This capability is also possible with the changes I’ve made and I am also developing a way to save this information so that I can use it to make the website experience better.


I’ve also implemented the use of multithreading so that the UX can be improved. I’ve successfully implemented this logic into all of the saving methods and any method used in doing so. So things should be working a lot smoother now. 😊

With all these features, I’m looking at beginning to refactor a lot of the codebase that Antilobby is run on. I’ve done a bad job at maintaining this code, so it’s time to fix that.

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