Misc. Work & Antilobby App Updates

I haven’t posted in a while due to being a little distracted by finding opportunities and adding new features to the Antilobby ecosystem. Here is what I’ve been working on:

Antilobby Website

The website has received some updates over the past week that caters to the user experience. I have redone all of the graphs to match all of the data located on the data. I am using Models to handle all of the fetchings from the database which has sped up development time and reduced overhead. Some features include: Separate graphs for Public/Private, navigation changes, private session pages, ability to change session privacy settings.

I have begun actually implementing Livewire components into the application. I was originally kind of afraid to try and rush this new technology but it seems very straightforward and Laravel-like. The first official feature added using Livewire components is the individual privacy setting that you would see if you open a session that you owned. This setting updates the database using ajax requests so that the page does not have to reload and multiple updates can be made without having to deal with reloading the page. I want to expand this capability to more sections of Antilobby as I get more comfortable with how this functionality works. This is a very exciting component to now be working with and seeing how easy it has been to implement means that I can really do some cool things with this. ALSO, it’s a good thing to push since I’ll be using javascript with these new functions. 😎

Antilobby Desktop App

I’ve done a lot of tweaks to the app recently and have pushed out an update that fixes an error that had to do with the Windows LockApp. This issue was hard to replicate and observe, nonetheless, I found the reason why Antilobby was getting stuck on counting LockApp and believe it is no longer an issue. We’ll see! In addition to that, I have also added new functionality to the Alerts section: Actions. I have made the ability to use actions –right now only one exists– that allows you to close a certain application after a user-defined period of time. Lastly, I have made the application prefill common time increments so that you don’t need to do any hard math.😋

I know there are some rough edges on the Antilobby app, I aim to have some of them smoothed out over this week, and hopefully, I will be adding another user request.

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