Antilobby Updates

Yesterday I was finally able to work on some of the Antilobby app updates. I went ahead and finished the login/logout logic and switched over the API requests to the new ones from the totally custom ones to API/. I ran into some issues where once these changes were implemented, I encountered continuous use issues with Antilobby. These login sessions were very invasive to the entire Antilobby application and replacing the fundamental saving logic kind of made it hard to really continue “Guest” mode on the application. This “Guest” mode was kind of indicated by having no auth token and these new savings methods broke depending when these tokens were not present. I had to resolve that by disabling saving without any auth token since it would give an error anyways. I am looking into making default Guest login credentials but still not sure if I want to do that yet, there are things to consider before implementing such a thing.

Lastly, I am now actively working on providing new features for the Antilobby website. These features will only be available to registered users from here on with additional guest-like demo mode features that I will be making later on when I make more features for the core users. The new version of Antilobby is officially out, so take a look!

Eloquent Models

With my new use of eloquent Laravel models, I can develop certain features really fast. I am still learning how to connect these models to each other so that I don’t have to write that many queries. These features will be developed once I get a firm grasp of how eloquent models really work.

That’s it for now.


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