Sanctum & Antilobby

Issues: Upgrading Laravel 8 & Jetstream

It took me a while to sort out some issues with upgrading API/ to Laravel 8 and resolving Jetstream issues. I had previous issues with Laravel/Fortify giving errors for some reason when I tried to uninstall Jetstream. So I have decided to keep Jetstream logic there.

Exploring Options: Sanctum

It took me a while to find what I wanted to go with, in terms of authentication for the new API features that I’ll continue building. I found that Sanctum offers exactly what I want and I’ve decided to go with it to guard API access. After ironing out Sanctum issues and testing token assignment and seeing if I could actually get it working… I decided to try and implement the login features for Antilobby. They are, for the most part, working. The Antilobby app sends a request to the new API and successfully obtains auth tokens. I haven’t programmed any logic using the tokens from Antilobby, but that’s simply because I need to finish the app time creation and saving. Right now I only have session creation and saving. Exciting that everything seems to be coming together. It has taken a lot of time to switch to Laravel but I am beginning to see the benefits of using it. Stay tuned and watch out for Antilobby updates. 😎

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