Issues & Authentication

Now that I’ve got most of the issues out of the way for a user to log in and register. I’m now on to create the API request logic for the desktop application to consume. Some logic is already created, the Model logic in the MVC architecture makes creating content actually really easy. I think I will continue to create the rest of the API logic before I implement the authentication portion, which I still have to figure out.

API Authentication

I have quite a few options. I can use logic from Jetstream, which is used for API2/ but I kind of run into a problem when on the main application, where all of the logic is located. It does not include the Jetstream implementation. This puts me in a situation where I must implement another method that can work between both applications, I only need to really implement the token creation/read/update on the API/ and just maybe update the Models in the API2/. So, that’s my next task, I must read the documentation and find an appropriate lightweight method to use so I can finally begin making new features for the Antilobby website.

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