Url Generation & SMTP

Today I wanted to work towards creating a seamless experience between both different Laravel apps that I will be using to make Antilobby. Api and Api2 are both different apps and have different settings. I had worked on integrating Jetstream auth to Api2 that I mentioned in my last entry but there were some issues.

I didn’t find what was adding an additional subdirectory to my URLs but I suspected it to maybe be an issue with the URLs being generated by the application OR some other issue related with URL management such as via the Vhosts files or the .htaccess file that is used to manage access on Apache servers. I went through and read a lot about these methods and compared them with what I had and my unique issue. I didn’t find much on my exact problem since it could be from a few sources. Ultimately I wanted to touch on as many surfaces as possible from the Laravel framework and local Apache server to Laravel URL generating and Routing. I ironed out a few bugs by using Laravel Routes, I applied some “hotfixing” but the issues are still there. It seems that everytime I apply a layer of routing:

/api2/ -> dashboard = > /api2/api2 -> dashboard

The issue just repeats itself and generates a third layer of api2: /api2/api2/api2. Very annoying indeed, so I will continue investigating this issue later on and hopefully find the root of the problem.

SMTP Email Configuration

I also decided to try configuring the SMTP server for email recovery if you forget your password. I looked around and found a free service that will be enough for email recovery without the likelihood that I will reach my email limit for each day (300). I also ran into some issues with that regarding the libraries inside Laravel providing an authentication error. I will look into this later after I am able to confirm my domain via DNS entries. Not exactly eventful, I wish I had been able to get more done but it’s surely gradual progress.

As it seems, software development isn’t always going to be quick, simple, or to the point when you are working with complex systems. Each step is a perfect opportunity to learn and why not take advantage of that. I may work on making the API for updating and saving tomorrow.

We’ll see!

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